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Our work together will depend on your goals. You may want one or several of these services:

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We provide regular, annual, or one-time maintenance. Organic methods are standard.

A small job might be the immediate pruning of several shrubs. Regular maintenance includes spring cleanups, fertilizing, pruning shrubs and vines, planting annuals, weeding, deadheading perennials, and cutting back the garden in Fall or Spring.

Susan offers naturalistic pruning. While closely-sheared plants are appropriate in a formal English garden, they are usually not a good choice for the home garden. Shrubs that are pruned with an eye for their natural shape are healthier inside and out, and nearly always more attractive. With a single pruning each year, your shrubs will look healthy and well-kept throughout the year. Even if your shrubs have been sheared previously, we can rejuvenate them over time and restore them to their natural shape.

If you need maintenance:

We meet at your home or business to assess your gardening needs, goals, and budget.

  1. I propose a maintenance routine and schedule, and an estimate.
  2. I send you a record of what we discussed.
  3. We begin maintaining or restoring your garden.
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